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Welcome to the Incahoot Scotland FAQs and Help Centre

We have prepared some answers to frequently asked questions about Incahoot Scotland and the services we offer.

However, we know that we cannot cover everything in our FAQs and if you cannot find the answer that you're looking for, please contact us.

1. General Queries

- What Is Incahoot Scotland?

Incahoot Scotland is a money saving website for Scottish people from Incahoot. The site brings together three key, impartial, comparison services which can save you hundreds of pounds on your energy, broadband, home phone, TV packages and insurance.  

The savings don’t just stop there, we also offer an extensive range of high street and online shopping discounts and savings, all contained within one easy to use website.

Incahoot Scotland allows you to make huge savings on:

Shopping: including high street and online discounts of up to 20%
Energy: including Gas & Electricity, Electricity only, Gas only and Renewable Energy
Insurance: including Car, Home, Pet, Travel, Van, Bike and Breakdown Cover.
Broadband: including fibre broadband, home phone and TV packages.
Holidays & Travel: Including Flights, Holidays, Hotels and Extras
Money Transfers: Including savings of up to 4% on International Transfers

- Why Compare Through Incahoot Scotland?

The Energy comparison service is 100% impartial meaning that we do not favour suppliers. You can ensure that you are getting an honest and unbiased quote for your property when you compare through Incahoot Scotland. On average our customers saved over £192.00* by switching their energy through Incahoot Scotland.

The Insurance comparison quote technology allows you to quickly and easily compare insurance quotes from both insurance companies and brokers in real time, taking the hassle out of comparing.

Compare your Energy and Insurance through Incahoot Scotland for FREE today!


- How Can I Contact You?

Energy Queries: 0800 310 1004
Travel & Holiday Queries: 0141 308 1028 or email
Money Transfer Queries: 020 758 3000

For anything else please Contact Us .

2. Holidays And Travel

- Am I Protected If I Book A Holiday Through Incahoot Scotland?

Yes, you are. Our ABTA license means that you are protected from the moment you purchase your holiday to the moment you return – although you still need holiday insurance! Your money is 100% safe when you book with us – so you can relax and look forward to your holiday.

- Can I Book Holidays With Other Brands Via Incahoot Scotland?

Yes, you can. Our ABTA license means that we work in partnership with over 250 of the most well-known and trusted travel providers in the UK and Europe, including brands such as; Thomas Cook, First Choice, Kuoni, Virgin and many more.  So, if you want to holiday with a specific tour operator, we can book that for you.

We act as agents for licensed tour operators; the relevant ATOL number will be provided for each holiday booked.

The flight bookings we make are also ATOL Protected, except when tickets for scheduled flights are sent to you within 24 hours of payment being accepted, or where your payment is made immediately to the airline.

ATOL Protection extends primarily to customers who book and pay in the United Kingdom. As Travel and Booking Agents we act only as Agents for the Principals actually providing the relevant services and we shall not be liable for any act or default on the part of any such Principle or its Agents or Servants. Passengers are booked and/or tickets and coupons are issued or obtained by us subject to the conditions regulations and terms of the Carriers and/or Principals concerned.
- When Will I Receive My Tickets?

Flight tickets will be dispatched approximately seven days prior to departure, except in the instance of late bookings, e-tickets or ticketless airlines.

For late bookings made within 2-3 weeks of departure (depending on the travel supplier) tickets will be available for collection at the airport, at your hotel, car hire pickup point or transfer provider venue.

For ticketless airlines you will need to provide your booking reference upon check in.

E-tickets will be emailed to you 7-10 days prior to your date of departure. Please ensure that you and the passengers on whose behalf you made the booking have all the required documentation and information required at check-in.

- What Is My Hold Luggage Allowance?

Please see the terms and conditions of your individual carrier.

- How Much Validity Do I Need On My Passport To Travel?

Incahoot Scotland would like to ensure that all customers are prepared before entering another country. It is vital that you check passport and visa requirements as well as any immunisation guidelines for the countries you are travelling to (and through!) as early as possible as processing necessary documentation can take some time.

As a starting point, you should ensure your passport has at least 6 months validity beyond your length of stay as this is now a mandatory requirement for many countries around the world.

You are responsible for ensuring that all passengers (adults, children and infants) hold their own individual passport.
- Time Zones And Arrival/Departure Dates

Please be aware that due to different time zones your arrival and departure dates on long-haul flights may vary by 1 or 2 days either way.

- Travelling With Children

Please ensure that you provide Incahoot Scotland with the correct ages of the children and infants travelling.

Infants must be older than two weeks to be permitted to fly and younger than two years (on return date).

Although infants will not be allocated a seat or baggage allowance on an aircraft, they will be issued a ticket.

No more than one infant may travel with one adult at any time.

Please be aware that since 5th October 1998 children need their own passport to travel abroad. This is in line with international practice and a result of child abduction precautions. A child passport is only valid for five years and will therefore need to be renewed more regularly.

Tickets for infants or children can only be sold when a minimum of one adult traveller has also purchased.

- How Do I Amend My Booking?

Please note that certain travel suppliers do not allow for amendments or cancellations to be made and therefore do not provide refunds for any reason. Please ensure that you check the terms and conditions of the chosen supplier prior to confirming your booking. The cancellation fee levied by Incahoot Scotland still applies.

Travel suppliers require a minimum notice period prior to cancellation. Again please reference and read carefully the term and conditions of the individual supplier prior to booking.

If more than one price option is available for a flight, it is not possible to change the price option chosen by a credit card holder after a booking has been made.

All permitted changes are subject to capacity limitations.

Unless otherwise stated, if you have a standalone hotel, car hire or ancillary booking, a fee of £25 will be charged for every requested amendment, in addition to any fees levied by the travel supplier.

- How Do I Cancel My Booking?

Cancellation fees levied by travel suppliers can only be confirmed on the date your cancellation notice is received. Where applicable the relevant balance charged for the holiday will be re-credited to the customers account (this must be the same account as the one used at booking).

In the event you are prevented from travelling by an event beyond your control we will offer you a refund on the condition that you have informed us promptly of your need to cancel and supplied supporting evidence. Please be aware that each cancellation will be subject to a £25 cancellation fee, applicable to each service /product that forms your booking.

Failure to utilise a flight i.e. "no show", will result in the airline's cancellation of any onward or return reservations and the relevant points will not be re-credited.

Please Click here to see the Full Table Of Charges.
- Refund Information

Please note that certain suppliers do not provide refunds for any reason upon cancellation. Please ensure that you check the terms and conditions of the chosen supplier prior to confirming your booking. The cancellation fee levied by Incahoot Scotland / Travel by Inspire does still apply.

Other suppliers require a minimum notice period prior to cancellation. Again please reference and read carefully the term and conditions of the individual supplier prior to booking. Such terms are not determined by Incahoot Scotland and we cannot accept responsibility in such circumstances.

If Incahoot Scotland is unable to provide the booked travel arrangements we will offer either:

o   A refund of all monies paid by you in respect of such travel arrangements

o   Alternative travel arrangements of equivalent or superior standard from Incahoot Scotland

o   A choice of specified travel arrangements of a lower standard to the travel arrangements booked together, with a refund for the difference in price.

For the purpose of a refund all values for travel costs will also be rounded up to the nearest whole number.

The relevant refund amounts will be transferred back by the person that made the original booking only.

Any booking charges applied will not be eligible for reimbursement.

Customers should note that refunds may take up to 6 months and that until a refund is made from the travel supplier to Incahoot Scotland, we cannot process a refund to you the customer.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for online, then our UK-Based Travel Specialists are just a phone call away, you can reach them on 0141 308 1028 or can contact us by email at

3. Money Transfer

- Why Should I Choose Incahoot Scotland & Moneycorp Instead Of My Bank?

Incahoot Scotland & Moneycorp can save you money by using our experience, market knowledge, technology and focus to get you the most competitive exchange rates.

We take the time to understand your requirements, which helps us suggest the best solutions to maximise the value of your currency transfer. Foreign exchange can be complicated, and our experts are on hand to guide you every step of the way.

- How Do I know My Money Is Safe With Incahoot Scotland & Moneycorp?

Moneycorp have been in business for over 30 years and help clients make about 2 million transactions each year. This says a lot about our reputation and reliability.

As an authorised Payment Institution, Moneycorp is legally required to safeguard client funds in respect of a payment. We are a licensed Money Service Business. Moneycorp FRM is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for the conduct of designated investment business.

You can find out more about how we perform by taking a look at Moneycorp’s annual report.

- How Do I Set Up A Moneycorp Account, And How Long Will It Take?

We like to save you time as well as money, and that’s why opening an Account takes just a few moments. You can complete an Account Agreement online or request a copy from a member of our team by calling +44 (0)20 7589 3000. There is no obligation to trade with us if you open an account, but doing so now means you won't have to wait at all when the time to trade arrives.

- How much money can I transfer?

You can trade from £50 or its equivalent in any of 34 currencies using Moneycorp Online. The minimum amount that you can send using our Regular Payment Plan is £250.

- How Long Do International Money Transfers Take?

Moneycorp offers two transfer options: Standard and Express. The Standard option is more cost-effective, and the Express option is quicker. You can choose whichever suits your needs.

Delivery Time*
Standard: 2-4 days
Express: 0-2 days

*Delivery times are measured in working days and may vary depending on the currency, destination and banks. MAD and INR take 3 days and min 2 days, respectively, for Express delivery

- How Much Do Incahoot Scotland & Moneycorp Transfers Cost?

For transactions using Moneycorp online the charges are £5 for a standard payment, taking 2–4 working days, and £9 for an express payment, taking 0-2 working days.

For transfers carried out as part of a Regular Payment Plan the charges are £4 for a standard payment and £8 for an express payment. Deals booked over the telephone are subject to a transfer fee of £15 and are sent express.

- How Do You Determine What Rate To Charge?

Moneycorp transaction rates are based on a combination of factors:

  1. The current exchange rate
  2. The amount transacted
  3. The currency purchased

You receive the same rate whether you pay by debit card or pre-fund your account by bank transfer.

Foreign exchange markets do not operate between the hours of 10pm on Friday and 8pm on Sunday (both times are GMT). Therefore, the exchange rate you receive via Moneycorp Online during this period will not increase or decrease. At all other times, the rate you receive will track live exchange rates.

- How Do I Contact Incahoot Scotland & Moneycorp?

You can call us on: 020 7589 3000

*Over the last sixty days (13 Dec 2013 - 10 Feb 2014) customers using the Energylinx service supplied to Incahoot Scotland saved an average of £130.45. The maximum saving was £2,064..

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